Fundraising Ideas

Ben Cartwright and Iris Moulton walk into a bar.
Ben Cartwright and Iris Moulton sit down in the bar.
Ben Cartwright and Iris Moulton drink drinks in the bar.
Ben Cartwright and Iris Moulton begin discussing financial issues with Bathtub, and propose that perhaps a thread/post should be started on the blog re: fundraising.
Ben Cartwright and Iris Moulton keep drinking, and brainstorm some ideas themselves.

1. Walk/Ride-a-thon: Bathtub members get sponsors, and walk/bike across Kansas. Imagine the inspiration we could glean from that there o'er yonder. (note: seasonal)

2. Write-a-thon: $5+ buy in from members, MFA-MA-PhDers (from all over Kansas, or the world!), and members of the community. Could be done in a variety of ways, but the game is "write for 24 hours." In SLC this was done by giving a writing prompt, then giving 24 hours for those who had bought in to write something, at the end of the 24-hours collecting submissions, hosting a reading/judging, declaring a winner, and potentially publishing a small chap book.


Get sponsors to pay a certain amount for however long you can continually write for; stick all of the writers in a room somewhere, writing away, with judges making sure we're all writing and sticking to our word.


Other variations.

3. Pub crawl, esp for St. Patrick's Day (reading Irish Lit) or other holidays (Horror/vamp stuff on Halloween, Xmas stuff on Xmas, etc). Work with pubs in some way, work our way down Mass.

4. Bake Sale-- Ben suggested baking these items, and selling them office by office in Wescoe during office hours. Each item could, potentially, come with a "stanza" or "paragraph" or "something."

5. Community read-a-thon. Hosting something somewhere, bring books, everyone brings snacks/booze/drinks/pillows/blankets, and we eat and read-a-thon. Charge a cover? Something?

6. Also in the works, as I understand it, is some sort of writing workshop. Something large scale with poets, fiction writers, guest readers, and us? Over the summer + breaks + charging admission to those who want to come to the Kansas Bathtub Writing Workshop. I like this, it's a big idea. How big could it get? Will this eventually morph into our version of the Mid American Review workshop? Only time will tell...

So, those are some things we came up with. I am sure, actually, we came up with others, but I can't remember. Perhaps post your own ideas here?


on the write-a-thon tip: i like for writing prompts.

October 2, 2009 at 4:31 PM  

This thread makes it sound like I hang out at bars with Iris and others being writerly more often than I sit at home grading student essays. I approve of this thread. I think that Amy mentioned the bake sale thing first in the car on the way back from Wichita. I think Amy and Kari has some other good ideas in the car when I wasn't making them listen to 70's monsters of rock on the radio and remembering what it was like being a construction worker or monopolizing the conversation.

October 3, 2009 at 2:31 PM  

And by "has" I mean "had."

October 3, 2009 at 2:32 PM  

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